MAMA NENA Charming Hotel


Old Town

The history of the Old Town of Chania begins about 3000 BC. The town has been inhabited continuously ever since, a fact which proves the importance of Chania through the centuries.

Hotel Building

The MAMA NENA charming hotel building is an integral part of the history of the Old Town of Chania. Its history starts at some point in the Middle-Ages and, to be more precise, during the years of the Venetian Domination, specifically in the 15th century when the town around the fortified hill of Kastelli started to expand.

Over the centuries the building had no set form. Copperplate prints from the 16th and 17th centuries, drawings and plans from the 18th and 19th centuries present different forms of the building. Findings during the restoration work (door and window openings) prove the variety of uses of the building through the ages.

The current form took its shape at the beginning of the 20th century and from this point on the building became the property of our family.

The Family Home

At the beginning of the 20th century the family of our grandmother Matina moved from Piraeus to Chania, birthplace of her mother Argyri. The building of MAMA NENA HOTEL became their home until 1975. The house became witness to many family and personal stories...

Grandmother was standing on the balcony as a teenager when she first saw grandfather. And thereafter, every day for ten years, he used to walk past her balcony, raising his eyes only to look at her. And she stood on the balcony and waited for him to come by... They lived for many years together with their family in this house before the war separated them forever. Our mother Nena grew up in this house and left it as a "bride" to go to her own house. We children visited grandmother and her sister Stella in this house. It seemed so big to us then!

The history of this house is connected to the personal stories of 4 women of the family: our great grandmother Argyri, our grandmother Matina, her sister Stella and our mother Nena. The sweetness in their eyes, the warmth of their smile, so much of what they represented, have been preserved in their furniture, fixtures, furnishings and their personal effects which we have retained to give the Hotel its warmth and ambience.


In 2007, we began a radical restoration of the building together with its transformation into a modern, comfortable and stylish place of residence. It was structurally reinforced and clad with environment friendly modern and quality materials which complied with the original form and style of the building.

In full compliance with the Statutes for Heritage Buildings of the Ministry of Culture we ended up having completely renovated and refurbished Hotel which retained the historic features of the Old House in combination with the necessary upgrading of facilities of a modern guest residence. Our aims were for authenticity, quality, comfort and elegance. Takis Kontoudakis, our talented interior decorator, gave great care and attention to details in order to achieve the present result.